Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's Been Awhile...

So, this is going to be a long post...I want a place to put a few pregnancy memories and firsts! This has been a looooong 5-6 months, I have learned more than I ever thought pregnancy could teach me, and I truly just do not want to forget.

Here are a few dates I do not want to forget:

March 21-we found out were going to be parents!! I remember feeling completely surprised, it felt somewhat unreal. I bought a couple of baby things and put a bow on the positive test and gave Noah the gift when he got home from work! We went to dinner to celebrate!

April 9- We had our first ultrasound, saw the heartbeat of 122 bpm, and got the official due date of November 26th.

June 9- We went to find out if you were a girl or boy, and you did NOT show us anything!! We left not knowing. All your family showed up to see you, but you were shy.

June 13- Noah and I go back and find out you are a BOY!! We were both sooo excited, Noah said he knew all along that you were a boy...he wanted a boy first:)

July 11- We had our anatomy scan and it was confirmed you are a BOY! You were breech at this appointment! But Dr. said theres plenty of time for you to turn:)

August 6- Got to see you again, they wanted to recheck some measurements! You were sooo stinking cute, you yawned and had your leg and foot over you head grabbing your foot with your hand!

August 10-Went to perinatologist to get some more measurements! Everything checked out perfect and perinatologist was not concerned at all! We saw you yawn and grab your foot:) Dr. said you were 1 and half pounds! Still breech! Praise the Lord.

Here are a few symptoms I do not want to forget:

Weeks 6-12-: 24/7  nausea and unsettled stomach, was hard to hold a meal down at times, and would wake up in the middle of the night with nausea! 

Weeks 5-present: Interrupted sleep, have really not slept through the night since about 5 weeks pregnant. Now I toss and turn sometimes to get comfortable and get up ATLEAST once to use the bathroom. Sometimes I just lay awake for an hour or 2...

Weeks 20-present: Asthma attacks! Eeeek! Went about 10 days not knowing what it was... finally got it figured out, and feel 20 x better... haven't really had to use my  inhaler the past couple of weeks. Praise the Lord! This was a exhausting time, I had to sleep sitting up, it was making me very anxious, was thankful for relief.

Here a few positives:
I have not really had any back pain! I thought for sure I would have really bad back pain. 
Nausea was completely gone by 13-14 weeks!!
I haven't really had any bad headaches...maybe one.
Not really any far! I get very mild swelling in my fingers when I'm hot, but other than that, nothing yet! It may still be early for this one!

Easiest part of pregnancy: Enjoying feeling my little guy kick, wiggle, hiccup, and just move in general!

Hardest part of pregnancy:  Realizing you are 100% completely not in control...the Lord has been teaching me A LOT about this....

I have much more to post about what the Lord has been teaching me, but this post would be VERY long, and I'll save it for another day. All I know is that the Lord's grace is most abundant when we least deserve it, I have been humbled time and time again.

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